5ml filler to cheeks, jaw, and chin using Definisse "R-Technique"
1 session of anti-wrinkle injections,
plus 1 x Skin Peel or Needling treatment


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

(Skin Needling Included)

(for facial rejuvenation or hair loss
*course recommended - VEGAN)

£300 per session

£750 for 3 sessions

Injections from £150 per area/session
Topical from £200 per area

One area from £150
Two areas from £200
Three areas from £250*
(small areas included where indicated)*

Small areas alone from £100
(one or combo areas bunny lines, gummy smile,
lip lines, lip corners, or chin where indicated)



Standard Hydro Facial - £75

No.1 Infusion Hydro Facial - £120

from £150 per 0.6ml
from £200 per 1ml

£250 per 1ml

£250 per 1ml

from £200 per 1ml

from £200 per 1ml

(face, eyes, above lip, neck or hands)
£150 per 1ml
(last up to 3 months)

(face, neck or chest)
Bio-remodelling 2.0ml x 2 sessions £450
(BDDE free Hyaluronic Acid skin booster)

Bio-remodelling 3.0ml x 2 sessions £675
(BDDE free Hyaluronic Acid skin booster includes patch and body cream protocol)

£400 per vial single session
£550 per 2 vials single session

Small area £150 per session
Large area £250 per session

Peri-oral area from £500
Eye area from £500

(Healing & Detoxing includes cleanses/mask)
£50 per 30 min session

Zo® Skin Health Stimulator Peel £90

(includes mask & LED light session)

EnerPeel® TCA 25% single £175
EnerPeel® TCA 25% course of 4 £500

NeoStrata® Glycolic 20% peel* £80

(includes detox mask & LED light session)

Definisse® Classic peel* £75

(Retinol, Pyruvic and Salicylic acids & LED light)

Definisse® Acne peel* £75

(Retinol, Pyruvic and Salicylic acids & LED light)

(*Recommended course of 4-6 take 10% off)

(for any area rejuvenation & scarring
includes peel, mask & LED light

Single treatment £125
Course of 3 £325

Melasma or Acne
skincare package from £150
Blue Radiance peel £100

60 min luxury facial

(not for acne skin)
(includes peel, mask & LED light)

Course of 5 £150

1x Session £70

3x Sessions £200

5x Sessions £300

Hydro Facial

Underarms, hands or feet


Brazilian Booty Lift
(Brazilian Body Sculpture)

1x Session £99

—Introductory Offer—

Plinest Eye/Hair® Plinest® Newest® Plenhyage XL®
£325 per single session
£895 course of 3 sessions

Lower face £650

A £25 deposit/booking fee is required for all treatments. This is to cover any cancellations and this fee will be deducted from your total treatment cost.