10 Things You MUST Know Before Visiting an Aesthetic Clinic!

A guide to aesthetics clinics before making your first appointment

8/24/20232 min read

Hey gorgeous! Before diving into the world of aesthetic treatments, let's chat about a few things. I've been around the block (or clinic) a few times and trust me, a little knowledge can make all the difference.

Understand Your 'Why'

Remember when I got that treatment because everyone else was doing it? Not my brightest moment. So, ask yourself: why are you taking the plunge?

It's All About You! Make sure you're doing this for yourself and not because of outside pressures. We're all about self-love here!

Dive Deep into Research

Google will be your best friend (next to me, of course). Know what you’re signing up for.

My Oopsie Moment I once thought I'd be in and out in 10 minutes. Boy, was I wrong! Some procedures take time, and patience is your BFF.

The Right Hands Matter

Make sure your practitioner isn't some newbie. I still remember the lopsided look Sarah got from a "budget" practitioner.

Their Portfolio is a Goldmine Always ask to see their previous work. It's like checking their Instagram, but for professional stuff.

Let’s Talk Money, Honey

Sure, we all love a good deal, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

The Real Cost Beyond the procedure, factor in potential follow-ups. My motto? Quality over discounts.

Recovery Isn’t Just for Celebs

After my first treatment, I tried to jump back into life immediately – big mistake!

Personal Time-Out Sometimes you'll need a few days of self-pampering. Mark that calendar and binge-watch your fave shows.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Even the simplest treatments can have side effects. Get the deets.

My Little Scare A minor rash taught me always to ask about the what-ifs. Don't skip this chat with your doc.

Maintenance is Not Just for Cars

Some treatments are like hair coloring – they need touch-ups.

Touch-Up Tales I once waited too long between sessions and had to restart my treatment. Stay on track, ladies!

Keep It Real

I dreamt of Angelina Jolie lips but woke up more like a duck. Lesson? Aim for enhancements, not transformations.

Mirror, Mirror Visualize potential outcomes. Some clinics have cool tech for this, so ask about it!

Medical History Isn’t Just Paperwork

Your past can affect your treatment. I once forgot to mention my fish oil supplements and, well, let's say it got bruised.

Spill the Beans It might seem trivial, but share everything with your practitioner.

Aftercare is Self-Care

Your treatment doesn’t end when you leave the clinic. Keep pampering!

That Time I Slacked Off Ignoring aftercare once led to a longer recovery time for me. Lesson learned!

All right, queen! Now you're armed with all the tea. Dive into your aesthetic journey with confidence and always remember to love yourself every step of the way.

Author’s Note:
Having spent years in the world of aesthetic beauty treatments, both as a patient and as a practitioner, I've gathered a treasure trove of stories, lessons, and tips. Here's to making informed, fabulous choices! 💋